MasterSeries Silver Primer/Sealer-4 Quarts-$144

MasterSeries primer is one of the most powerful primers in teh world. It is the only type of primer that is air tight. In marine salt spray tests, nothing outperforms MasterSeries Permanent Rust Sealer/Surfacer. This product is used on everything from bridges, to metal roofs to antique cars. Anywhere where rust is a problem, MasterSeries prevents it from re-occuring. MasterSeries primer is ideal for frames, floor pans, window channels, and especially under chrome molding clips. MasterSeries , when scratched, will not rust beyond the scratch. Anywhere in your restoration where you're on shaky ground, two coats of MasterSeries silver is the answer. Can be used over and under plastic fillers. Sands very nice. Accepts almost any primer or topcoat over it. High aluminum content and silver/aluminum in color.
MasterSeries Silver Primer/Sealer-4 Quarts-$144
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