MasterSeries Chassis Black-1 Quart-$43.00

MasterSeries Chassis Coating is a one part urethane with extreme chip resistance, very high gloss and no brush marks. This coating can be applied directly over wire brushed rust. For permanent results, we recommend our MasterSeries silver first for a 20 to 25 year service life. Can also be sprayed. Designed for frames, floor pans, engine compartments, firewalls, inside and underneath the car. It is not sunlight stable. After several months in direct sunlight it will loose its shine, but still remain on the metal. The MasterSeries AG 111 paints would be better for areas of high sunlight exposure. The MasterSeries Black Chassis Coating goes on beautifully with a foam brush.
MasterSeries Chassis Black-1 Quart-$43.00
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  • Item #: 2002
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Price $43.00